Bit of a catchup post since breaking my neck, and 2017 hobby wrap up.

G'day G'day, 

Well what a funny few months, I went back to playing football again for another season at Defensive Tackle but had a bit of a freak accident where one of the guys on my team was washed across the back of the line and drilled me in the side of the head while I was braced up on the OT and OG. I crushed C4/5 and prolapsed the disc, the breach and the movement kinked my spinal cord and paralysed me completely from the neck down on the field and it took a while before I got some movement back.

It's been two months now, I still have some nerve pain and still need surgery but they wanted to see if the swelling on my spinal cord would go down some before they operated. So no more football unless I end up with a cybernetic spine, unfortunately my days of cracking lids and putting dudes in the dirt are behind me.

In the time off I have been in a neck brace so it's kinda tough to paint but I have been trying to slowly chip away at a few projects during periods wher…

2500pts House Makabius and DG Allies Completed

Finally completed an army again! I got the Castigator done today despite a bit of a rampaging flu and posed these Makabius boys up with their allies, the Death Guard, for a patch giveaway by the Eye of Horus Podcast and the Radio Free Isstvan Podcast.
Will give it a few days but I'll try and tee up some games with the local crew next week and get playing again.

30k Death Guard - Leviathan, Tactical Squads and Veterans - Completed Pics

Hey y'all,

I had to put the hobby biz away for a few months due to work and moving house but I just fired it up again and got some of the stuff I airbrushed back in feb/march finished.

I've still been updating my Instagram account from time to time too if you want to keep track of the WIP's and stuff. Check it out at with the username being bad.credentials.hobby.

Anyway started out getting a few infantry finished up, 2x10 Tac Squads and a Marksman Vet squad with Combi-plas and a Heavy Flamer, they join the 15 Lascannon Heavy Support marines as the bodies of my DG force.

I also got the always amazing Leviathan Dreadnought finished up, infantry are kinda meh but I love how this guy turned out and I had a lot of fun painting and weathering him.

I'm working on a Castigator Knight right now to finish off my House Makabius Knight army and am about half way along.

Anyway check the pics below and I'll have a few fresh pics o…

Calth Contemptor - Quick Repose

Chopped this contemptor up in a few spots, drilled sockets and added ball joints, added real feet, made a chain fist, just generally tried to make it look like it was on a battlefield and moving, not just in a storage rack in the bowels of a ship.

Was just a quick hack and slash job, I want to get it on the table for the weekend. If I had a bit more time I would cut and bend one of the legs and rebuild the knee. But not back for a quick project aye.

Heresy Era Death Guard Lascannon Squads Completed

I pulled my finger out and started painting some of the Death Guard infantry I showed earlier on the blog. I started with the more difficult to paint and assemble Heavy Support squads, with Lascannons (the local meta is staunch as shit, lots of Av14, super heavies and drop podding Leviathans). 
I have been running 7 and 7 man squads in test games but if I have more points available in larger games I will do 10 and 5 to make sure I can bully high value targets with the big squad and plug away at dreadnoughts and the like with the smaller one.
25 Tacticals to do next, then I'll paint the Castigator for myself as a treat.

Cheers Jack

Acastus Porphyrion and Atrapos couples photo.

3 Months apart between painting the Porphyrion and the Atrapos, got them to match pretty well. Lucky I took a few notes and a bunch of WIP's for myself to follow. Got a Castigator on the bench now who will join these guys in the next week or two.

House Makabius Knight Atrapos Completed Pictures

Yew! Just finished another knight, I think it came up pretty well, I tried to get it to match my Acastus as close as possible but it's been a few months so it's not exact. Still though, pretty happy with the matchy matchy. I also took a bunch of WIP's and kept meaning to post but I never got around to it, was too excited to finish.